AdUlts, Data and emerging IDentities



The project AUDID aims at empowering adults to deal effectively with issues associated to online identities, cryptocurrencies and e-wallets. Adults today spend plenty of time online while this is expected to increase as Smartphones are used by a growing number of adult population. However, adult users are exposed to dangers when online because of not being able to fully comprehend how random data they make public can manifest into the building blocks of an online identity. This is where the AUDID targets, to help adults understand the risks from online identities and be in position to protect themselves while online. The project, drawing on contemporary research findings, considers that Internet and online identities is not a "childhood or adolescent disease" but also a growing risk for adult generation too. To achieve its goal, AUDID will deliver an interactive curriculum and a pedagogical approach to enhance critical thinking, complemented by easy to use tools (i.e. a dynamic demonstrator) that will enhance understanding on the subject and recognize skills and achievements through the OPEN BADGES concept (


  • The project serves the longer term vision of the renewed European Agenda for Adult Learning (2011/C 372/01) by extending the range of relevant research to include the online identities field in adult learning and education encouraging inter-disciplinary and prospective analysis, and also contributing a new pedagogy and a creative eLearning environment for mainstreaming prevention culture and reduction strategies of online fraud.





UPI - ljudska univerza Zalec - SI

European Digital Learning Network - IT

Virtual Campus Lda - PO

European Regional Framework for Cooperation (ERFC) – GR


In the frame of AUDID project, the expected results comprise:


  • - A new interactive multimedia curriculum for adults and adult educators which will empower a conscious, creative and critical stance by adults as responsible civilians towards online behaviour by means of training in essential skills and providing essential knowledge. Three versions of the curriculum are envisaged based on the project methodology as the curriculum will be implemented iteratively.
    - A dynamic demonstrator tool to enhance understanding of risks associated to emerging online identities and to demonstrate in visual and effective ways how random data manifests to building blocks of an identity.
    - A Learning Motivation Environment to deliver the training, capitalising on motivational workflows (e.g. define achievements) and gamification mechanics for engaging learners in a social learning environment which motivates learners. Courses and individual Learning Objects will be possible to export as SCORM objects for interoperability.
    - The AUDID Open Badges framework based on the four metadata: issuer, earner, criteria and evidence in order to create 'network of trusts' for the visibility, recognition and validation by the community, local authorities, associations, etc. of the digital skills acquired.
    - A trainer's guide for the adult trainers to be in position to administer hands on workshops for classroom based training of adults using the AUDID curriculum, delivery environment and supporting tools (i.e. demonstrator) and also how to create and issue Open Badges for recognition of the skills and achievements.
    - A remote (distance) learning mode for individuals who cannot attend the instructor led training (e.g. rural communities)




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