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Transboundary Air Pollution Health Index Development and Implementation

TRAP: ...

GREECE-FYROM 2014-2020:


The project aims to evaluate current situation regarding air quality in partners’ areas, install monitoring stations and create public health indexes for assessing air quality impact on human health and natural environment. TRAP will extend the already established network of air quality to both countries and cross-border area.

Information on real-time air pollution levels is now more necessary than ever before. At present, air pollution is one of the most significant factors posing threat to the health of individuals worldwide. The main sources of air pollution at both countries are mainly caused by industrial activities, transportation and heating. Air quality problems from industrial sources mainly concern areas with thermo-electrical power stations and industrial units located close to residential areas. Natural sources (e.g. transport of dust from deserts) and conditions (e.g. local topography and climatic conditions) also worsen urban air quality. Local meteorological conditions and topography have a major impact on air quality and contribute to the generation of air pollution episodes. Air quality is then strongly influenced by pollutants trapped due to thermal inversions caused from sea/land breezes and thermal internal boundary layers. Strategic objective of TRAP project is the creation of an ICT application integrating air quality monitoring with health impact indexes in CB area.


  • Permanent transnational network established among partners
  • Target groups reached through communication means within project areas
  • Improved air quality monitoring mechanisms to CB area
  • Demonstration of integrated ICT tool for air quality and health indicator
  • Skilled personnel of monitoring authorities
  • Promotion and dissemination of air quality and health models
  • Raise awareness on the relation of air quality and public health
  • Gathered data on air quality and public health
  • Contribution to the harmonization with EU directives regarding ambient air quality
  • Accelerate IPA accession


Environmental Centre of Western Macedonia (KEPE) – GR (Lead partner)

Municipality of Florina – GR

European Regional Framework for Cooperation (ERFC) – GR

Center for Climate Change - FYROM

Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning - FYROM



TRAP: Kick-Off Meeting in Florina

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TRAP: Sensitization Campaign: Experts Workshop: "Air pollution and health impact. New Perspectives and Solutions in a crossborder framework"

At present, air pollution is one of the most significant factors posing threat to...



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