Development and valorisation of port museums as natural and cultural heritage sites

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GREECE-ITALY 2014-2020:


The project aims at strengthening the port museum system to enhance cultural and natural heritage for tourism purposes in some areas at high risk of abandonment / depopulation. The port museum is a kind of ”ecomuseum” that enhances the culture of the sea and of fishermen and the related productive activities through a participatory approach involving tourists to make the territories attractive. A new tourism enhancement model is proposed and described in the MUSE project for the cross-border area. This model is based on the historical, natural and cultural heritage and to the local population rather than pleasure boat ports. This network/system involves port museums already created (Tricase) and areas where the natural and cultural heritage linked to the values of port museums exist but are not fully established and developed (Messolonghi and Corfu).



Municipality of Tricase – IT (Lead partner)

Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari (CIHEAM IAMB) – IT

European Regional Framework for Cooperation (ERFC) – GR

Municipality of Messolonghi - GR

Port Authority of Corfu - GR



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