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GREECE-ITALY 2014-2020:


YESS (Young entrepreneurship Startup School) aims at creating the first CB incubator within the Regions of Apulia, Achaia, Ionian Islands and Epirus. The incubator will provide most of its services both through a physical and a virtual environment, which will foster new business ideas, encouraging the co-design and co-operation within students, researchers, startuppers and entrepreneurs, maximizing the benefits of the Web 2.0 technologies and using an open access innovation approach. With this goal, a heterogeneous and complementary partner consortium has been created by involving a university specialized in technology and management (LP), a research centre specialized in vocational and high professional training (P2), an association of enterprises (P3), an NGO, member of AI-BAN, representing citizens (P5) and a university specialized in business (P4). The project proposal grounds its roots in the theories of social capital and wants to maximize the potential of social networking, identifying it as a flywheel of entrepreneurial success.

The overall objective of YESS Project is the promotion of the entrepreneurial process and incubation, encouraging the economic development of the regions involved and the exchange of knowledge between partners and stakeholders. Indeed, YESS incubator wants to be an opportunity for CB Area, strengthening managerial and transversal skills, in order to foster entrepreneurship, innovation and open up new markets through networks, partnerships and training. For this, YESS specific objective is the implementation of an innovative ecosystem on entrepreneurship issues in the field of: tourism, design, blue growth and e-health. The choice of these sectors has been addressed by the needs of the both countries. Tourism is a strategic sector for Greece and Apulia Region. Tourism can directly benefit from new business ideas promoting public-private partnership, expanding the market, developing sustainable tourism services/goods and solving the problem of seasonality. The sector of design, as part of the creative industries, has a key impact for the CB Area. Design, in terms of graphic design, web-digital design, fashion design, interior and industrial design, is a significant sector for Apulia Region, for number of employees and turnover and started increasingly attracting attention in Greece. This sector can benefit from the Project by providing training, coaching and mentoring, filling up the lack of information in the CB systems. Blue growth is a pillar for the both economies. YESS Project aims to tackle innovative maritime and marine businesses by promoting sustainable economic development, employment and business opportunities in the blue economy, including aquaculture and fisheries. E-health is expected to undergo to an exponential growth in the next years, creating jobs, new services and wellbeing.

The main expected result of YESS Project is a number of 20 start-ups supported, belonging to the 4 strategic sectors selected (tourism, design, blue growth and e-health). To do this, YESS consortium will create a heterogeneous network between universities, research centres, NGO, Business Angels and enterprises association with the aim at supporting and develop business capacities of emerging innovation (possibly breakthrough) with the need of establish linkages within the innovation ecosystem. In fact, the consortium will work hardly to establish an innovation culture in the CB area with concrete technological transfer between universities/research centres and SMEs, a culture of innovation management and the breakthrough possibility that a networking can permits in terms of exchange ideas, know-how and workforce (social open innovation). In this way, webinars about networking opportunities will be create in order also to improve SMEs' access to information, funding opportunities and project for long-term competitiveness. YESS Project selected those sectors because scientific literature show a connection between them. Therefore, the consortium will establish a fruitful and linked bridge, based on R&D specializations, for partnerships of companies with universities and public-private laboratories, trying increasing participation of SMEs in research networks and technology markets. Another bridge will be created with other Incubators in order to create a network for the exchange of best practices. Last result, but probably the most ambitious, is to contribute to the growth of sectors representing important potential in terms of jobs creation, patent application and contribution to the GDP and innovation environment. This means that YESS network will try to attract investors for the entrepreneurial ecosystem development, able to allow investments in R&D, key factor to innovate.

Polytechnic University of Bari – IT (Lead partner)

Universus CSEI – IT

Chamber of Commerce of Bari – IT

University of Ioannina - GR

European Regional Framework for Cooperation (ERFC) – GR


- 2 Analysis of existing incubation eco-system at international level, to study the best practices
- 28 meeting with relevant stakeholders to model the incubation model with a participatory approach
- 1 Web Incubation Platform
- 2 "Physical" incubation Labs (1 pre-seed in Greece and 1 operative in Italy)
- 1 report on best practices about innovation funds and innovative funding schemes
- 1 CBC YESS innovation Funds Network
- 1 Awareness campaign with 3 meetings and specific tools (videos, press conferences, etc.) wide communicated
- 20 selected start-ups belonging to both countries to be trained and supported
- Creation of tools for training, coaching and mentoring schemes to deliver to the selected start-ups
- 5 webinars

- 20 start-ups directly supported by team of experts that will perform coaching and mentoring both in Italy and Greece
- Training activities for 20 trainers (10 in Italy and 10 in Greece)
- 1 Summer schools for young students
- 2 Pitching events for start-ups/innovators/SMEs with rewards
- 2 Business Game competition for young, followed by technical expert for 10 days
- 1 foresight Plan for future sustainability and development
- 1 Communication Plan to define the best solutions for Project results promotion
- 7 dissemination events
- 1 Social Media Profile
- 4 Press releases, 4 articles, 1 Promo video


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