NEtworking for the developMent of maritime tOurism at EUSAIR level 




NEMO is implemented by highly skilled partnership composed by University/Scientific Research Centre, Public Authorities involved in IMP policies and Regional Development Centers from Italy, Croatia and Greece, covering internally all necessary competences to implement Institutional, Environmental and Socio Economic state of the art and to develop scenarios for fisheries related tourism in the Adriatic/Ionian Regions.

Marine and coastal tourism is one of the fastest growing areas within the world's largest industry. Fisheries related tourism plays an important role for sustainable socio-economic development of coastal communities and, if properly addressed, contributes to the sustainable management of marine resources. Starting from relevance of Adriatic/Ionian Sea basin Strategy for the cohesion of the whole Mediterranean basin, the importance of fishing and fishing related activities in EUSAIR coastal regions  and the lack of comparable data, NEMO intends to play its full part in shaping ecological and socio-economic transnational and holistic approach to develop an overview about Fisheries related tourism in Adriatic/Ionian Regions which contributes to the  MED overall integrated maritime policy and acts as catalyst for coastal development protecting environment and biodiversity. NEMO provides:

- Shared methodology to standardize mapping activities, data collection/comparison regarding fisheries related tourism in the Adriatic/Ionian Regions from Institutional, Scientific/Environmental and Socio Economic level (3 folder analysis).

- Foresight study, through relevant stakeholders inputs, on fisheries related tourism development drivers  at EUSAIR level interconnecting fishing activities to territory’s  tourism potential and contributing to sea protection reducing fishing effort and fostering diversification.

– an Action Plan detailing concrete inputs for future cooperation projects fostering integrated marine/maritime approach, key factor  for Mediterranean Basin cohesion.

•          Provide a shared methodology to the harmonized mapping activities,data collection/elaboration/comparison

•         Set up integrated network of maritime activities information and monitoring systems

•         Map fisheries related tourism state of play (typologies, services, products, network)

•         Identify gaps, obstacles hindering

•          Assess fisheries- related tourism impact on ecosystems and biological resources

•         Identify potential and feasibility of developing fishing as a recreational activity for visitors and local residents in a sustainable way.

•          Lay the ground for integrated future approaches towards a segment of coastal and marine management and of strategies to manage fisheries-related tourism in a sustainable fashion

Marche Region, Dep. Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery – IT

Bologna University – Dep. BIGEA –Marine Biology and Fisheries Laboratory - IT

Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari (CIHEAM-IAMB) - IT

European Regional Framework for Cooperation – GR


Split Dalmatia County – HR




NEMO: Consultation Workshop meeting

In the framework of NEtworking for the developMent of maritime tOurism at EUSAIR level (NEMO)...


NEMO: Foresight exercise meeting

In the framework of NEtworking for the developMent of maritime tOurism at EUSAIR level (NEMO)...


NEMO: 3rd meeting in Greece

With great success was organised by ERFC the III Project Technical Steering Committee ...



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