Smart Network and Sustainable Innovation Cluster to increase RDI Competitiveness of SMEs in the Adriatic



The project bridges 17 regions from 8 Adriatic countries, with the vision of capitalizing on existing Research & Innovation (R&I) results and establishing a smart networking system for monitoring and fostering research & innovation capacity in SMEs, to increase competitiveness, and support SMEs sustainable growth through cluster synergies and the use of financial instruments and coaching schemes on improving investment readiness, with emphasis on cross-border cooperation across the Adriatic. The main innovation of the project is the establishment of a novel Adriatic ecosystem bringing together regional authorities, policy influencers, RD&I entities, SMEs and financing operators (target groups, see also 3.3.1 for stakeholders), supported by a smart clustering approach, new investment instruments (Adriatic BAN), matchmaking and coaching facilities, training events and strategically targeted dissemination activities. The project will last 28 months.


1.    Assure the Sustainability and Capitalization of innovative results
2.    Strengthen cooperation between research institutions, businesses and economic development actors (through workshops-webinars)
3.    Optimize technology transfer- support emerging sectors-maximize sustainable exploitation of innovation
4.    Facilitate faster research and innovation
5.    Identify business and technological capacities in the transAdriatic network in view of building sustainable cluster
6.    Engage policymakers and regional/national stakeholders in decision making for formulating favorable policies in RD&I
7.    Build Adriatic Business Angels Network to increase access of innovative SMEs and young entrepreneurs to financing
8.    Investigate alternative cross-border co-investment facilities and new trends in fund-raising.
9.    Facilitate best practice exchange through incubators
10.    Develop and test smart coaching schemes for SMEs and Startups; provide knowledge in financing


Midterm & final evaluation; db of target groups/stakeholders; 1 final CB (cross border) event, 12 open days, 10 regional events; capitalisation&sustainability plans (financial and institutional); recommendations and guidelines for ad-hoc programmes to stimulate Research&Innovation; framework and db of good practices & relevant contents, 3 cross fertilization initiatives; promotion material; website; 7 knowhow workshops; 5 webinars to foster awareness and train SMEs; policy/financial/methodological instruments/tools to support SMEs RDI capacity & emerging innovative sectors; online service specialized in supporting SMEs in emerging economic sectors; sustainable cluster in transAdriatic network; web based platform to inform and facilitate communication among smart cluster stakeholders; Adriatic BAN; coaching schemes for SMEs and startups; matching schemes for network members; 6 CB Board meetings, 6 transnational & 20 local working groups meetings; road maps/action plans of financing priorities at CB/local level; strategy & measures to sustain transAdriatic network; CB agreements for sustainability of joint research & training programmes; 12 Feasibility studies; matching events between Adriatic BAN and network members to commercialize SMART INNO results; 4 Pilot actions to improve competitiveness of SMEs through clustering; activate investment lines; formulated Frame Agreements & MoUs for RDI policies and CB cooperation in Adriatic.


LB – Provincia di Rimini, IT, FB1 –Association of Chambers of Commerce of Veneto Region, IT        
FB2 – Friuli Innovazione Research and Technology Transfer Center, IT        
FB3 – Scientific and Technology Park S.C.A.R.L., IT        
FB4 – SIPRO Local Development agency, IT        
FB5 – Agency for Innovation of Administration and Public Local Servicies, IT        
FB6 – Directorate for Development of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, Montenegro    
FB7 – Uzice Regional Chamber of Commerce, Serbia        
FB8 – Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia, Serbia        
FB9- Regional Development Agency of Inner-Karts Region, Slovenia        
FB10- Regional Development center Koper, Slovenia        
FB11- Primorska Technology Park, Slovenia        
FB12- LIR Evolution, Bosnia- Herzegovina FB13- Juraj Dobrila University of PULA, Croatia        
FB14- Instrian Development Agency, Croatia    FB15- ATLANTIS Consulting S.A., Greece        
FB16- E.R.F.C., Greece        
FB17- AULEDA Local economic development organization, Albania    


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