Cooperation between European police forces and private sectors in the fight against theft and international metals trafficking

EC-DG JUSTICE: http://ec.europa.eu/justice/grants/programmes/criminal/


The project aims to:

•    Analyze and study the phenomenon of cross-border theft of metals in the member countries and illegal export channels outside the EU.
•    Develop a comparative analysis of law enforcement strategies implemented by institutions and private companies to contrast the problem of metal theft.
•    Explore the connections between the phenomenon of thefts of metal and the work of national and international criminal organizations.
•    Achieve a homogeneous study and analysis of the phenomenon on a European level including the description, mapping and evolution of the problem and identification of the best strategies on how to fight it.
•    Assist the private sector in preventing theft of metals.
Transfer the main strategic conclusions that the project has reached to EU lawmakers

Create European public - private work groups to join together with the police forces, the judiciary system, experts in the field of use of metals, analysts and trading companies affected by the phenomenon, and any others involved in completing the study.
•    Organize a series of international round tables with partner countries involved in the project in order to compare results and help transfer best practices.
•    Transfer and share information among the most important relevant actors in different countries and their validation in the course of international meetings.
•    Increase public awareness about the hazards, risks and costs for the community caused by the theft of metals in Europe.

People United Against crime Shefield, UK
Agenfor Lombardia, Italy
British Transport Police, UK
Fundacion Communitad Valenciana _ Region Europea, Brussels
European Institute,  Bulgaria
Valencia Local Police, Spain
ERFC_ European Regional Framework for Co-operation, Greece
West Yorkshire Police, UK

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