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Families in Net (FINE) is an 18-month project responds to the need for information exchange and training in relation to training for practices focusing on the families of justice involved (or at-risk) youth with a specific focus on public-private partnerships.

Implemented in six EU countries (Italy, Germany, Greece, Romania, Spain, and the UK) and coordinated by the Department of Juvenile Justice of the Italian Ministry of Justice, FINE has the general objective of improving the capacity of the juvenile justice systems throughout Europe and associated actors to prevent juvenile delinquency through the effective utilization of consolidated family-focused good practices.
FINE recognizes the need for information exchange and development of family-focused practices—notably through access to training—throughout Europe. Family focused work is often unstructured and fragmented, making it difficult for practitioners to learn about and implement effective practices in use in other areas or countries.


FINE is bringing together private and public bodies in a collaborative endeavour that focuses on the
development of training materials for addressing juvenile delinquency. The project specifically aims to achieve the following results:
- the exchange and dissemination of experiences, knowledge and best practices between Member States; and
- the promotion of public-private partnerships between Ministries of Justice and private bodies/NGOs.
This will be achieved through the partnership structure, which actively involves both public and private bodies with extensive experience in the field, as well as the project activities, that include:
- the specification and good practices in 3 partner countries and exchange with both private and public stakeholders in all partner countries;
- the development of an e-learning platform and didactic manuals that will be shared within the partnership and made available to stakeholders throughout the EU;
- national seminars in each partner country and an international seminar that actively involve stakeholders from the public and private sector; and
- a comprehensive dissemination plan that seeks to maximize visibility and exchange throughout the life of the project as well as after the end of EU co-financing.

FINE will result in the development of an e-learning platform hosting 3 transversal didactic units for working with the families of justice involved youth (available English, Italian, German, Greek, Romanian, and Spanish) with an associated webpage dedicated to the project and more broadly to family-focused good practices in the area of juvenile justice.


Psychoanalytic Institute of Social Research (IPRS) - Italy
The Christian Youth Village Foundation of Germany – CJD Eutin (CJD) - Gernany
Family Rights Group (FRG) - UK
University Company of Social Research (CURS) Italy
Consensus - Spain
Friendship Foundation Arad (PPA) - Romania
ERFC – Greece




FINE National Seminar Patras, 19.11.2014

Η ERFC (European Regional Framework Co-operation) σε συνεργασία με το Δικηγορικό Σύλλογο



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