Police-Private Partnership to Tackle Metal Theft II

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Pol-PRIMETT II (P-PII) is an expansion of the existing Pol-PRIMETT project (Oct 2010-Sept 2013) which fits within ‘Prevention of general crime’ and ‘Operational law enforcement cooperation’. P-PII will continue a horizontal approach by expanding the public-private partnerships and infrastructure in place for the dissemination of best practice regarding metal theft. Public-private collaboration is not uniform amongst MS; P-PII provides a platform for a variety of joint practices to be shared and adapted to suit MS. The expanded project provides further dissemination opportunities regarding offender profiles; location of crimes; target materials; stolen metal supply chain; prevention countermeasures; public-private security strategies; legislation & voluntary codes of practice

Expansion to 8 MS provides wider opportunities for LEA cooperation & connection to EMPACT projects, in which partners are engaged. The project will increase knowledge of the involvement of organised crime, the relationship to other acquisitive crime and the impact on communities and businesses. This increased understanding & collaboration will provide opportunities to disrupt & reduce the movement of stolen metals.

These activities are reinforced by the organisation of 3 public-private events per annum bringing together expert user groups to improve levels of international liaison, sharing knowledge, skills, intelligence, enforcement and prevention techniques between LEA’s & the private sector.


• Increase knowledge of involvement of organised crime groups (OCGs) & the relationship to other acquisitive crime

• Improve collaboration between public / private organisations within MS & on a transnational basis

• Increase collaboration to disrupt & reduce the movement of stolen metals across the borders

• Involve the private sector to improve crime prevention & deterrence strategies, including cross-sector cooperation amongst companies using, manufacturing, processing & transporting metals

• Establish Expert User Groups (EUGs) to improve international liaison, sharing knowledge, skills, intelligence, enforcement & prevention techniques

• Establish / expand horizontal partnerships for the collection, prioritisation & transmission of data related to metal theft

• Demonstrate better use of resources within partner organisations to avoid duplication & isolated working

• Provide a legacy of collaboration & good practice for the future



People United Against Crime – UK

Agenfor Lombardia – IT

Guarda Nacional Republicana – PT

Gendarmerie Nationale – FR

Valencia Local Police – SP

European Institute – BUL

European Regional Framework for Cooperation – GR

South Yorkshire Police - UK

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