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Open Network for Mediterranean Sustainable Tourism 2





The project bridges 7 countries of the Mediterranean Basin, with the vision of promoting the model of sustainable tourism, identifying the particular stakeholders that could support or benefit from a common strategy towards sustainable tourism and create Local Centers of Cultures and tourist packages with sustainable characteristics for the interested communities. The project foresees training activities so that the involved parties go through special methodologies for realization of tourism products, financing, proposition of local heritage and evaluation of customers’ satisfaction.

1.    Sensitization of the environment (SMEs, destinations, target groups) for the model of sustainable tourism
2.    Research of new funding schemes for sustainable touristic packages (sponsorship, fund raising etc)
3.    Identification of possible Centers of Local Culture
4.    Creation of heterogeneous core teams interested in sustainable tourism as a PPP model
5.    Creation of competitive touristic packages on local, national and international market level, oriented to responsible tourism
6.    Improvement of the quality of client services by SMEs based on the principles of sustainable economy (e.g. eco-labeling)
7.    Increase of knowledge capacity (e.g. training in growth methodologies, approach of communities etc.) for professionals, trainers, tourist services providers and pupils


4 Progress Meetings & 1 Final Convention; Visits by the tourist experts of the CCUP (Central Coordination Unit of the Project) to the involved Countries; Printed leaflets; Project Website; communications through mass media & social networks; 2 sensitization kits for schools & communities; capitalization plan of project results; Analysis of the territories under study (destinations, institutions and SMEs, Beneficiaries); 5 Centers of Local Culture; 10 packages of sustainable tourism; Methodology of evaluating the sustainability of SMEs; Selection of the local Tour Operators/Travel Agencies; Distribution & sale of the packages through internet or direct communications; 9 courses for tourism professionals; sensitization of beneficiaries about the sustainable tourism.

LP – Municipality of Ispica, Italy                           
P1 –ERFC, Greece                            
P2 –Foundation University Enterprise of the Region of Murcia, FUERM, Spain                    
P3 – Jordan Valley Center for Comprehensive Development, JVCCD, Jordan                        
P4 –, Lebanon                         
P5 – Rozana Association for Development of Architectural Heritage, Palestine                     
P6 – National Union for the Tunisian woman UNFT, Tunisia           
P7 – Association for the Development of Heritage-DELARPA, Tunisia
P8 – Cultural Association SUD, Italy
As1- Trekking, Italy,  As2- PLEF, Italy, As3- Aregai, Italy, As4- Padil, Tunisia, As5- Home Food, Italy    





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