Network for Social Economy and Volunteering in Europe

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The creation of the 4SEE Network aims to consolidate and develop the relations of a group of European local Authorities.  The project can become a base for the creation of an efficient cooperative partnership on the value of Social Economy and Volunteering as important tool to face with urgent problems such as the economic crisis and the rise of unemployment.

The 4SEE objectives are:
•    To create and develop friendship/twinning relations
•    To make the participants aware of the relevance of Social Economy and Volunteering and of their role in the development of a “better” EU.
•    To highlight the role of Volunteering as an educative experience and a form of active European Citizenship.
•    To analyse EU polices on Volunteering and Social Economy.
•    To exchange experiences and best practices
The projects involves different target groups: administrators and politicians, technicians of public administrations, local experts, organisations of 3rd sector (social co-operation, associations, etc) and 4rth sector (voluntary organisations), citizens.  The project foresees the realisation of four events that provide opportunities to develop and improve the relations between the members of the network, make discussions and confrontations, exchange experiences and best practices, favour the collaboration and the realisation of further activities that go beyond the project.
The themes of the events will be the following:

1st event:    The fundamental role of Volunteering
2nd event:    Social Economy as an instrument against economic crisis
3rd event:    Social Relevance of Social Economy
4rth event:    Economic relevance of Social Economy

Each event foresees different types of activities: conferences, seminars, debates technical workshops,  project planning workshop and will last 5 days.

Province of Modena, Italy
Commune of Model, Italy
Commune of Formigine, Italy
Commune of Maranello, Italy
Commune of Pavullo nel Frignano, Italy
Commune of Sassuolo, Italy
Commune of Savignano sul Panaro, Italy
Commune of Nonantola, Italy
ERFC – European Regional Framework for Co-operation - Greece
Gmina Strzegom. Poland
Ville de Saumur, France
Municipality of Shkoder, Albania




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