HACCP / Safe Food for All

Vocational excellence ensuring food product safety, consumer protection and competitiveness in Western Balkans

EUROPE AID - IPA: http://ec.europa.eu/europeaid/index_en.htm
HACCP: http://www.haccp-org.eu


Improved professional operating civil society, better quality of services ,increased cooperation between CSOs and public authorities, better dissemination in the area of the food product safety and consumer protection in involved Western Balkan countries.

(1) Design of innovative model of HACCP schools/excellence and resource centres;
(2) Preparation of training materials;
(3) Proof of professionalism/certification exams development;
(4) Preparation of intensive target-oriented HACCP training courses with certification exam for a) food and agriculture specialists, b) managers in agro-food sector, c) gastronomy units and d) inspectors;
(5) Informing potential participants, participants applications and selection;
(6) Performance of training courses;
(7) For region relevant case studies selection;
(8) Elaboration of case studies and their  evaluation followed by experts exam;
(9) Implementation of pilot HACCP schools/excellence and resource centres,
(10) HACCP experts certification in partnering Western Balkan countries;
(11) Best practice transfer and exchange;
(12) Dissemination of information (web portal in Serbian, Macedonian, Bosnian and English lang., project booklet and penguins, public closure of the project in every partnering Western Balkan country, press conf.
Improved understanding of employers and employees on food product safety, consumer protection and increased competitiveness in Western Balkan SME food processing units by development of human capital.

The estimated results are:
1. Food product safety/HACCP training model,
2. Food safety/HACCP training courses,
3. Case studies "train the trainers" for HACCP in pilot companies,
4. Partners network and
5. Food product safety/HACCP school/excellence-resource centers.

Slovenian Institute of Quality and metrology (SIQ)
Institute for Applied Biotechnology Murska Sobota, Slovenia (partner 1)
Food Research Institute in Bratislava, Slovakia (partner 2)
E.R.F.C . (European Regional Framework for Co-operation), Greece (partner 3)
Regional Chamber of Economy and Industry Leskovac, Serbia (partner 4)
HUMANOPOLIS, Foundation for education and development, FYR of Macedonia (partner 5)
Chamber of Economy of Sarajevo Canton, Bosnia and Herzegovina (partner 6)



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