NEMO: 3rd meeting in Greece

With great success was organised by ERFC the III Project Technical Steering Committee & Working Group meeting for NEMO project at Hotel Theoxenia in Messolonghi (Western Greece) on 20 April 2015. The Sacred Town of Messolonghi, famous for the Exodus during the long siege of 1826 (five years after the beginning of Greek Revolution), is also notable about the lagoon, a well-known fish-producing center of Greece. It is an ideal place for fisheries related tourism activities, the main scope of the project.

The partners, after the working group meeting in Hotel Theoxenia, had the opportunity to visit the houses of fishermen-members of the fisheries cooperative "Anagennisi", where they were informed by Aristeides Mantzouratos, President of cooperative, about the production of the PDO bottarga (avghotaracho in Greek) and by Sisia Rousou, Associate of Aqua Action, about the lagoon and their fisheries related tourism activities.


Press release (in Greek)


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