SGAG: Meeting in Torino

The second meeting for SGAG - Skill Generator Assessment Game took place in Torino, Italy. We discussed the progress that has been done since the start of the project, future goals and adressed the next meeting to take place in Athens. 


Zina Kastovska (Tempo), Jana Vincurova (Tempo), Valeria Elia (Aregai), Silvia Vittonatto (Aregai), Adela Vitkovska (BEFO), Madara Ergle (BEFO), Malgorzata Gramala (Uni Lodz), Carmen Bizzarri (ITS turismo), Colucci Savino (ITS turismo), Elena – Florina Dochie (eLearning & Software), Anca Mustea (eLearning & Software), Ioannis Papagiannopoulos (ERFC)



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