REAL: Training modules on Entrepreneurship

In the frame of REAL project will be prepared 6 training modules on Entrepreneurship:


  • Module 1 - ENTREPRENEURSHIP & BUSINESS: General introduction in entrepreneurship (Entrepreneurial skills, "From idea to enterprise", Business Processes etc.)
  • Module 2 - NLP - COMMUNICATION: Leadership & Creativity
  • Module 3 - FUNDRAISING: Grant sources, crowdfunding, business angels, venture capitals
  • Module 4 - ORGANIZATIONAL AND STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT: Organizational learning and evaluation
  • Module 5 - ICT SKILLS
  • Module 6 - BUSINESS ENGLISH: Basic language competencies


The 6 training modules (with subtitles in partners’ languages) will be uploaded soon to project site (www.realproject.net). Please see hereunder the draft version of modules in YouTube channel.

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