SGAG: 1st multiplier event in Greece

The 1st Multiplier Event was organized for teachers of the Institute of Vocational Training in Aegion. We handed out the teachers Manual ten days before the event, so teachers had sufficient time to peruse it. In the beginning we presented the project together with the e-course and the game. We helped the teachers to log in to the platform so they would be able to try the game by themselves with our assistance.

The multiplier event took place in a classroom of the IEK with the use of a projector. At the beginning, Mr Petropoulos, the president of ERFC, introduced our organisation and the project, especially the partners and the products. Then Mr Papagiannopoulos and Mr Stavrinos went through the Teachers’ manual, trying to answer the questions teachers had. We were going through the each module together with teachers and explaining each module and asking questions. Then we skipped to explaining the Game and how it works and also the scoring system.

After approximately 2 hours of explaining how everything works, we have helped teachers create an account and log in to the portal and play the online Game by themselves for another 1 hour with the possibility to finish the game at home, at the end they filled in a short questionnaire. We let them finish at least 1 module. At the end, we have checked results of the game and gave teachers little presents for being involved in the project and each of them obtained Certificate of Attendance.

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