SGAG: 2nd multiplier event in Greece

The 2nd Multiplier Event was organized for teachers and students of VET, as well as management staff of the Institute of Vocational Training in Aegion.

Information about the event via e-mails was sent to people 1-2 weeks in advance to invite people to take part. The multiplier event took place in a classroom of the IEK with the use of a projector. After presenting the evaluation results and the feedback from pilot testing ERFC representative discussed with the teachers and the management staff about the sustainability of the project’s products. The teachers found very interesting the idea of exploiting the sgag platform (both game and e-course) into their classes, to develop their students’ soft skills.

Teachers were very interested in the project and the game itself and overall, they think it will be useful for the students and they might include the project in the class schedule.

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