The Good Practice Guide

Good Practice Guide collects the work done during 5 thematic workshops in which the partners have selected the best
examples of innovation and entrepreneurship in horticulture and animal breeding in their countries.
Five thematic workshop topics are:

1. Effective approaches for diagnostic and assessment services on innovative and/or efficient production and operational processes for the target sectors;
2. Effective approaches in financial support tools for SMEs in the old, new Member states and candidate countries and how to provide support for SMEs to inform about their availability and access them (financial support for entrepreneurs, for innovative approaches, etc.);
3. Effective approaches for technology and innovation transfer to SMEs;
4. Effective approaches for promoting and facilitating entrepreneurship in the target sectors;
5. Effective support approaches to assess on entering new markets, meeting European quality standard, promotion of products and facilitate the internationalizationof SMEs.

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