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Our ref: DABS-Ext_Meet. Organ.20/5/2014

E.R.F.C, 28/7/2014

Dear Mr. Kleanthous,

The above contract may be awarded to you subject to the availability of key experts, for the amount mentioned in your tender and on the basis of the conditions stipulated in the tender dossier. The contract value is 2.500,00 EUR including VAT.
Please complete a new financial identification form if your bank account details have changed since those submitted with your tender.


Within 5 days from today you are kindly requested to submit a statement that all the Key experts which you proposed in your offer are available at the date of 28/04/2014, indicative date of entry into force of the contract.
In case any of the key experts you proposed in your tender is unavailable you will within 15 days from today propose replacement experts who shall have at least the same qualifications and experience as the key experts proposed in your tender. A justification for the exchange of the expert shall be given but the acceptance will not be limited to specific cases. Several replacement experts may be proposed for the same position but only one time-period of 15 days will be offered. The Contracting Authority will choose between these proposed experts.

The replacement expert's total score must be at least as high as the scores of the expert proposed in the tender. It must be emphasised that the minimum requirements for each evaluation criterion must be met by the replacement expert.
In order to proceed with the preparation of your contract at the earliest, we would like to ask you to send us the requested information within the above specified 15 days delay to the following address:
E.R.F.C, Address: 33 Platonos Street, Fax No: 0030-26910-62904
E-mail: erfc@otenet.gr, for the attention of Mrs Nikolas PETROPOULOS


If you do not propose replacement experts within the time limit or if the replacement experts are not sufficiently qualified the Contracting Authority may annul this award.

Please take note of the possibility – as described in the instructions to tenderers – that the tender procedure may – under certain circumstances – be cancelled by the Contracting Authority. In no circumstances will the Contracting Authority be liable for damages, whatever their nature (in particular damages for loss of profits) or relationship to the cancellation of a tender, even if the Contracting Authority has been informed of the possibility of damage. The publication of a procurement notice does not commit the Contracting Authority to implement the programme or project announced.
Implementation of the tasks may not start before the contract is signed by both parties.


Yours sincerely,
Nikolas Petropoulos
President of E.R.F.C


"DANUBE- Black Sea connection of European and Asian economy, a step for substantial growth of the Black Sea area (DABS)"

1. Publication reference
DABS/Staff- 09/07/2013>
2. Publication date of the Notification Letter
3. Number of applications received
4. Names of Candidates applying for DABS Call for Expression of interest

- Georgios Soulos
- Ioannis Hatzikian

1) Mr Ioannis Hatzikian is selected as Technical Expert with contract value of 24.000,00 Euro till the project end,


We draw your attention to the legal remedies available to you to contest this decision.


Yours sincerely,
Nikolaos Petropoulos
President ERFC


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