The dissemination event of Interreg YESS project "Mobilizing the Startup Ecosystem of Epirus in Ioannina" that took place in Ioannina, on 03 April 2019 was a great success promoting synergies across different actors of Epirus and inspired more than 120 youth people to dive into entrepreneurship & startups. You may read more about our event here.


In order to reach to such success, behind the scenes the whole ERFC team worked day and night for over 2 months! As a result the Facebook campaign reached to nearly 16.000 people as shown in the statistics depicted!!!


In the frame of Interreg YESS project ERFC organized on Wednesday, 3 April 2019 in the Conference Centre “Karolos Papouias” of the University of Ioannina the dissemination event with title “Mobilizing the Startup Ecosystem of Epirus”.


The event was a big success!!! It gathered the participation of more than 120 people and 30 speakers!!

Initially, key facilitators provided welcome remarks including Prof. Triantafyllos Albanis (Rector of University of Ioannina), Mr. Thomas Bengas (Mayor of Ioannina), Mr. Marco Della Puppa (General Secretary of Greek-Italian Chamber of Thessaloniki) and Nikolas Petropoulos (President of ERFC).


In the “Bright Examples to follow” session Mr. Ioannis Tsillimbaris discussed how P&I Hellas attracted local talent to reach 80 people in R & D in just 2 years, while Mr. Stelios Gkouskos provided us with key insights regarding EU fundraising opportunities from SME Instrument experience in Terracom. In sequel, Prof. Vasilis Kostakis captured the attention of the audience with creative commons initiatives from P2P lab and bottom up approaches for collaborative schemes. The session was closed by the inspiring future of Epirus, the Zephyrus II Ioannina Team and their micro-satellite!




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