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"CULTURe-EXchange-Platform- CULTUR-EXP"

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-Aggeliki Antzoula

-Vasileios Barbopoulos


1) Mrs Aggeliki Antzoula is selected as Liaison Officer with contract value of 14.400,00 Euro till the project end.

Yours sincerely,

Nikolaos Petropoulos

President ERFC


Individual Experts to work as staff at the offices of ERFC Thessaloniki, Greece, in the framework of the Black-Sea funded project: CULTURe EXchange Platform (CULTUR-EXP).
Aim of the call
This call of expression of interest is published by European Regional Framework for Co-operation (ERFC) in the framework of the implementation of the project called "CULTURe EXchange Platform (CULTUR-EXP)" funded by the EC Black Sea Programme.
The aim of the call is to collect the expression of interest of individual experts who are willing to work as staff, at the offices of ERFC at Thessaloniki and perform specific tasks for the successful implementation of the project's activities that are detailed here below.
For more information about the call for expression of interest please follow this link: Call for Expression of Interest _CULTUR-EXP



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