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"The continuous improvement strategy for increasing the efficiency of wastewater treatment facilities in the Black Sea coastal states - CISWastewater" started at Constanta, at SC RAJA SA headquarter, between 9 and 11 April, 2014.

The meeting put together all the seven partners involved in the Project - Romanian Institute for Research and Development for Gas Turbines COMOTI, SC RAJA SA, Black Sea Centre of Excellence - Bulgaria, European Regional Framework for Co-operation - Greece, International Centre for Social Research and Policy Analysis - Georgia, Yerevan State University - Armenia and the State University of Moldova.
The first official reunion of the partners materializes the efforts and the cooperation of the Black Sea coastal states, in the purpose of increasing the efficiency of the water treatment systems in the Black Sea basin and developing the capacity of the decision-makers of the wastewater treatment facilities for an easier responding to changes.

The kick-off meeting hosted the cooperation between the representatives of every state involved in the CISWastewater Strategy and also the participation of representatives from the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration, Black Sea Basin Joint Operational Programme - Stela Sachelarescu, Nicolae Minculescu, and the Vice-president of the County Council Constanta - Cristinel-Nicolae Dragomir.

The guest list included the representatives of: Romanian Institute for Research and Development for Gas Turbines COMOTI - President - General Manager Dr. Eng. Valentin Silivestru, Project Manager Eng. Cristina Silivestru, Environmental Protection Engineer Dan Ifrim, Prof. Ph.D. Eng. Dan Robescu, Prof. Ph.D.Eng. Diana - Lacramioara Robescu, SC RAJA SA - General Director Felix Stroe, Deputy Director Aurel Presura, Rodica Mihai, Angela Pana, BSCE Bulgaria - Nellie Gospodinova, Teodora Petkova, Elitsa Zamfirova, ERFC Grecia - Maria Kanellopoulou, State University of Moldova - Ph.D. Maria Gonta, Eng. Anjela Lis, Yerevan State University - Dr.Eng.Gurgen Aleksanyan, Dr. Gor Aleksanyan and ICSRPA Georgia - Elene Chkheidze, Nino Kvavadze.

The discussions of the seven partners analyzed the actual situation of the wastewater treatment facilities of the three states with direct access to the Black Sea, based on a continuous improvement strategy in order to increase the efficiency of their functioning, by decreasing the costs.

Also, they have analyzed the current status of every partner involvement and have established the next phase of the project. All partners had the opportunity to closely analyze the status of the wastewater treatment process by visiting the wastewater treatment facilities from Constanta North and Eforie South.



The DEFINE Phase Training took place in Tbilisi, Georgia between 23rd and 26th of October and it was hosted by the Georgian Partner of CISWastewater– the International Centre for Social Research and Policy Analysis, represented by Mrs. Elene CHKHEIDZE.

One of the purposes of the CISWastewater Project is to train capable managers, in terms of learning key-elements of implementing a continuous improvement strategy. This initiative was concretized by developing the first manual following the DMAIC methodology – DEFINE Manual. It develops a series of elements which require WWTF managers' attention, for being able to improve the treatment processes of the municipal and industrial wastewater, in order to reduce the Black Sea high degree of pollution. The DEFINE Phase's objective is to select a well-bounded CI project and define the best strategy to deploy and achieve it. The DEFINE Manual highlights the problems needing to be solved through the project development, helps the managers to identify the customers' needs, describes the preliminary problem for improvement and sets the project's goal. DEFINE Manual intended to break the language barrier, being translated in Romanian, Armenian, Greek, Bulgarian and Georgian languages, to ensure a better implementation of the displayed principles and a correct dissemination of the information provided in different work environments.


Representatives of every partner institution attended the DEFINE Phase training, starting with the Beneficiary - COMOTI Romanian R&D Institute for Gas Turbines - Eng. Cristina SILIVESTRU – Project Manager, Dipl. Eng. Dan IFRIM – Environmental Protection Dpt. Head, Ph.D. Eng. Diana Lacramioara ROBESCU – Environmental Protection Engineer, Exp. Ancuta – Maria GUGU – Research Coordinator, and the Partners - SC RAJA SA Constanta – Ph.D. Eng. Aurel PRESURA – Deputy General Manager, Rodica MIHAI – Local Project Coordinator, Iuliana BUGU – Local Financial Coordinator, Black Sea Centre of Excellence Bulgaria - Neli GOSPODINOVA – BSCE Project Manager, Makruchi GYULIYAN – Research Coordinator, European Regional Framework for Co-operation Greece - Eng. Theodoros PATSOULES, International Centre for Social Research and Policy Analysis from Georgia - Mrs. Elene CHKHEIDZE – Executive Director, Yerevan State University of Armenia - Dipl. Eng. Gurgen ALEKSANYAN – Local Project Manager, Ph.D. Gor ALEKSANYAN – Financial Manager, and the State University of Moldova - Ph.D. Maria GONTA – Head of Dpt. of Industrial and Ecological Chemistry, Local Project Manager, Dipl. Eng. Anjela LIS – Research Coordinator.



The three training days followed the DEFINE Manual structure and focused on providing useful knowledge to the managers, who gained specific and adapted skills on implementing a Continuous Improvement Strategy in the wastewater sector. After being acquainted with the DEFINE phase's principles and stages, the trained specialists are capable to identify an adequate strategy of improving the treatment processes, and also to prepare its future implementation, by adapting the learned key-aspects to the WWTF's specificity.


A common dialogue between all project partners was spontaneously and naturally created and it helped them discover the frequently encountered difficulties in their implementation activity and also find appropriate solutions. The training for DEFINE Phase, besides its main purpose of learning new concepts, helped the working team to consolidate their dialogue and strengthen their work relationship.



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