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The meeting was organized by State University of Moldova (USM) and took place in the Senate Hall of USM on 25-26 of September 2015 in Chisinau. In the workshop participated, except the partners, academics, representatives of APA CONTROL, the Waste Water Treatment Plant of Chisinau and undergraduate and postgraduate students of the Department of Ecologic Chemistry of USM. The first day of the workshop, 25.09.2015, after registration of the participants, Prof. D.Sc. Maria Gonta, Head of Department of Chemical Ecology, Faculty of Chemistry, USM welcomed the participants and gave the floor to the President of Academy of Sciences of Moldova (ASM), Acad., Prof. D.Sc., Gheorghe Duca, who talked about ASM, which represents the only public institution of national interest in the sphere of science and innovation.Then, dipl. Eng. Cristina Silivestru from INCDT COMOTI, project coordinator, gave an overview of the CIS WasteWater project. The workshop was continued with the presentations of other partners. After lunch break the partners visited the famous winery of Cricova and the event of European Researchers Night 2015 in Chisinau, which took place at the Square of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova.

The second day, Saturday 26.09.2015, ERFC presented an overview of the Balanced Scorecard manual. After the discussion about the status of last phase of the project and the forthcoming meetings, the partners visited the APA CONTROL, the Waste Water Treatment Plant of Chisinau.





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