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ERFC presented the Balanced Scorecard Manual as a Continuous Improvement Tool for the Management of Wastewater Treatment Facilities in the WASTENet Conference on 19-21 June 2015 in Kavala.

The aim of the Balanced Scorecard Manual is to provide the Wastewater Treatment Facilities (WWTFs) with a tool which is going to be used for the following purposes:

• To "translate" the abstract concepts of the Vision, Mission, Strategy and Policy of a WWTP on specific projects, targets and measurement indicators (metrics),

• To be able the Leadership of a WWTP to monitor its actual performance indicators towards the realization of the Vision and Strategy,

• To facilitate the decision making by the leadership at every level and competence in a WWTP, based on real numbers and performance, selected as important to the realization of the Vision and Strategy,

• To easily tracked and infallibly the individual (per address or function) key performance indicators of a WWTP.


The Balanced Scorecard Manual:

  1. Outlines the Wastewater treatment which complies with the latest legislation and technological advancements;
  2. Defines the Balanced Scorecard as a progressive and innovative way to communicate to town leaders, employees and the community how each WWTP in the Black Sea Region will achieve its mission and strategic objectives;
  3. Identifies the steps towards the design and implementation of a Strategy Map and a Balanced Scorecard of a WWTP.


The MEASURE and ANALYZE Phases of the DMAIC methodology pursued by the CISWastewater Project was disseminated by a training session with all the cross-border’s action partners. The four days training session took place in Dobrich, Bulgaria.

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