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ERFC, as a partner of the #REAL_ERASMUS , is proud to present you the e-learning platform about adult entrepreneurship which is now ready for use!

Here you can find:

48 Lessons in 6 different modules

48 short animated videos - highlighting the topic

48 PowerPoint presentations with a full text manuscript 6 tests to assess your knowledge - before or after taking the lessons.


Available in 8 different languages



Take a look!


Introduction to REAL platform - watch the full video (6 min)



Short version (3 min)



The 4th meeting of the REAL Erasmus+ project was hosted by ERFC, on 22-24 of May in Athens, Greece. The main aim of the meeting was the presentation of activities related to WP2 Research and Analysis, the progress of the final outputs of WP3 (lessons) and WP4 (DVD and E-book) as well as the demonstration of the developed Web Portal (WP5). Moreover, the activities related to evaluation and dissemination of the project (WP6) were also part of the meeting’s agenda.


The ERFC members have also introduced the partnership to the greek civilization, as a planned visit at the modern Museum of Acropolis, and the Parthenon was conducted on the first day of the meeting. The partners had also the opportunity to taste the local cuisine and enjoy the traditional music during their dinners.


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