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Mr Patsoules, on behalf of ERFC, made an oral presentation with the title "Continuous improvement strategy for increasing the efficiency of wastewaters treatment facilities in the Black Sea coastal states" at the International Conference on Industrial Waste & Wastewater Treatment & Valorization, IWWATV 2015 ( on Friday 22 May 2015. The Conference was organised by the Unit of Environmental Science and Technology (UEST, an educational and research unit at the School of Chemical Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens and by the Hellenic Water Association (HWA), a non-profit association, from 21 to 23 May 2015 at President Hotel, Athens.





"The continuous improvement strategy for increasing the efficiency of wastewater treatment facilities in the Black Sea coastal states - CISWastewater" started at Constanta, at SC RAJA SA headquarter, between 9 and 11 April, 2014.

The meeting put together all the seven partners involved in the Project - Romanian Institute for Research and Development for Gas Turbines COMOTI, SC RAJA SA, Black Sea Centre of Excellence - Bulgaria, European Regional Framework for Co-operation - Greece, International Centre for Social Research and Policy Analysis - Georgia, Yerevan State University - Armenia and the State University of Moldova.
The first official reunion of the partners materializes the efforts and the cooperation of the Black Sea coastal states, in the purpose of increasing the efficiency of the water treatment systems in the Black Sea basin and developing the capacity of the decision-makers of the wastewater treatment facilities for an easier responding to changes.

The kick-off meeting hosted the cooperation between the representatives of every state involved in the CISWastewater Strategy and also the participation of representatives from the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration, Black Sea Basin Joint Operational Programme - Stela Sachelarescu, Nicolae Minculescu, and the Vice-president of the County Council Constanta - Cristinel-Nicolae Dragomir.

The guest list included the representatives of: Romanian Institute for Research and Development for Gas Turbines COMOTI - President - General Manager Dr. Eng. Valentin Silivestru, Project Manager Eng. Cristina Silivestru, Environmental Protection Engineer Dan Ifrim, Prof. Ph.D. Eng. Dan Robescu, Prof. Ph.D.Eng. Diana - Lacramioara Robescu, SC RAJA SA - General Director Felix Stroe, Deputy Director Aurel Presura, Rodica Mihai, Angela Pana, BSCE Bulgaria - Nellie Gospodinova, Teodora Petkova, Elitsa Zamfirova, ERFC Grecia - Maria Kanellopoulou, State University of Moldova - Ph.D. Maria Gonta, Eng. Anjela Lis, Yerevan State University - Dr.Eng.Gurgen Aleksanyan, Dr. Gor Aleksanyan and ICSRPA Georgia - Elene Chkheidze, Nino Kvavadze.

The discussions of the seven partners analyzed the actual situation of the wastewater treatment facilities of the three states with direct access to the Black Sea, based on a continuous improvement strategy in order to increase the efficiency of their functioning, by decreasing the costs.

Also, they have analyzed the current status of every partner involvement and have established the next phase of the project. All partners had the opportunity to closely analyze the status of the wastewater treatment process by visiting the wastewater treatment facilities from Constanta North and Eforie South.



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