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Items filtered by date: September 2016
Friday, 30 September 2016 07:55

SMARTINNO: Final Conference in Rimini

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The workshops that took place in Corfu ( whose agendas can be found here) and Igoumenitsa have been successfully conducted.

The presentations as well as the press release can be found bellow: 


Press release


Corfu_thematic_9_16/Corfu_res/EA SEA-WAY ERFC PILOT CORFU 2016




Smart InnoPlatform

Urbanets 2016.pdf

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ERFC organises the following thematic workshops in Corfu and Igoumenitsa from the 12th till the 14th of September in Corfu and on the 16th in Igoumenitsa.

Each day's agenda can be found bellow.



Corfu Press Release


Corfu, 12/9/2016 Agenda

Corfu, 13/9/2016 Agenda

Corfu, 14/9/2016 Agenda



Igoumenitsa, 16/9/2016




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Wednesday, 07 September 2016 00:00

SGAG: Meeting in Athens

The hosting partner ERFC and also the coordinator Tempo welcomed all the partners on the 3rd  transnational meeting of the SGAG project in Athens. A review of the last 6 months was conducted and progress was made on the e-course as well as the Game. 



Zina Kastovska (Tempo), Jana Vincurova (Tempo), Ioannis Papagiannopoulos (ERFC), Nikolas Petropoulos (ERFC), Valeria Elia (Aregai), Adela Vitkovska (BEFO), Anna Žabicka (BEFO), Małgorzata Gramala (Uni Lodz), Jarosław Ropęga (Uni Lodz), Carmen Bizzarri (ITS turismo), Savino Colucci (ITS turismo), Elena – Florina Dochie (eLearning & Software), Cosmin Herman (eLearning & Software)

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Friday, 02 September 2016 16:42

SDI4Apps: MEDHackathon Video material

For further media and info about the Hackathon, please visit


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