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Good Practice Guide collects the work done during 5 thematic workshops in which the partners have selected the best
examples of innovation and entrepreneurship in horticulture and animal breeding in their countries.
Five thematic workshop topics are:

11 Jul 2014





(AGRO-START publishes three main tools - SEE Support Service Protocol, Good Practice Guide and Auto diagnostic tool)

Aegion, 11/7/2014

SEE Support Service Protocol, Good Practice Guide and Auto diagnostic tool are main products developed in the project AGRO -START "Transnational network for SME support in the animal breeding and horticultural sector AGRO - START" that are published in the begging of July in seven countries ( Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Slovenia, R. Macedonia, Albania) by 12 organizations.

EUROPEAN REGIONAL FRAMEWORK for COOPERATION (E.R.F.C) took a part in this process for preparing these three products collecting informations and good practises with the sole purpose to help to business support organization and service companies providing assistance to SMEs in target sector, organizations with good practices, representatives of SMES in target sector to develop their businesses and to make agricultural development in The South East Europe where horticulture and animal breeding play a vital role and SME's have same problems and challenges: low use of innovation, technologies, mechanization, low education, little involvement of young people in farming, direct impact of the economic crisis, problems of making competitive products in their national, regional and on the European market. E.R.F.C. published on native language Good practise guide and SEE Support Service Protocol and will desiminate the examples to the stakeholders.


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